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What do Governors do?

Our school’s governing body is a group of volunteers who work together with the school's headteacher, deputy and staff to determine and define the aims and conduct of our school, with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. Individual governors bring their own experience and expertise to the group.  We endeavour to use each governor's skills to maximise their effectiveness and impact on raising standards in our school.

Our governing body holds the school to account for the quality, standard and effectiveness of the teaching and learning. Through the governing body, the school is accountable to the local education authority, the parents of the pupils and to the wider community.

In practice, the governing body works with the headteacher to determine how the school should develop to ensure continued improvement in standards and provision and with the head and staff agrees plans, policies, targets and procedures that work towards that development.

The governing body is also responsible for ensuring that the school fulfils its legal obligations, for the provision of the curriculum, managing the school budget, staffing, the social care and development of the pupils, and other statutory requirements such as developing school policies, setting targets, managing performance and so on. The governing body is also responsible for evaluating the progress of the school, making sure that effective monitoring is taking place and making strategic decisions on the basis of this evaluation.

Governors are most useful to the school by being supportive yet challenging, neither blindly accepting nor entirely critical of the way the school functions. If the governing body gets the balance right it can both support the school and promote its improvement effectively.  We require our governors to be 'a critical friend', in order to support and challenge our school to strive for improved standards in education for all children.

Our Full Governing Body meetings for the coming academic year will be held on Wednesday 11th November 2020, Tuesday 23rd February  and Wednesday 16th June 2020.  If you would like to read the minutes of any of these meetings, please telephone ths school office. 

Zoe Di Paola on 01376 322687 to find out further information.

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